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As a product photographer, food stylist and food photographer, I can offer you full food photography services from recipe development and food preparation through food styling and food photography to postproduction and graphic design. Based on your needs, I can provide you my full-service package or a single service only. Please contact me for collaboration details and rates enquiries.

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Hi, I’m Zuzana!

Slovak food stylist and food photographer based in Bratislava, Slovakia. My food photography services include food photography and recipes development, product photography, restaurant photography and food editorials for magazines.

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I will help you to market your brand by developing a custom-made recipe for your food product. I create a fusion of flavors and tastes and present it in a way that your customers won’t resist of trying it. My recipes are clear, concise and easy to follow. They include detailed instructions, ingredient lists, cooking times and variations. See my blog for recipe examples.


When styling, I first think of mood and feeling I want to achieve and the story I want to tell. Based on that I decide on props, composition, colours, textures, layers, etc. I use light creatively to define the overall mood of an image and to highlight the hero. I often work with composition overlays and colour wheel to make food styling for my clients flawless.


Most of the time I shoot tethered with my camera connected to a computer via cable. This way my clients can see the photos as I take them directly on a larger screen. Tethering ensures to get the perfect shot faster as I can spot issues with focus, lighting, or composition right away. Moreover, I can make any adjustments I need and even edit images while shooting.


I pay attention to every detail throughout the whole creative process as well as in postproduction. This includes editing, retouching and colour grading images in creative SW programs like Capture One, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. I also work with various softwares for creating stop motions, video reels, editorials or cinemagraphs.

Short Video

I can create short video reels to be used as a part of a marketing campaign on your social media platforms. These videos are created during the photoshoot session as an addition to the photography package. Reels can include behind the scenes, product promotion, restaurant chef or company owner introduction and others.

Stop Motion
& Gifs

Do you want to bring your food products to life? Or see how your meal disappears from plate? Then these short creative story telling videos made out of many images called stop motions are the right choice for you. GIFs are much shorter, usually without a story, but also an interesting option to a photography.


I can help you create promotion materials for your products, brand or restaurant using your brand identity. If you need a new summer menu or an informative brochure for launching a new product, I can use my beautiful shot images, interesting fonts, creative text and your logo to create marketing materials tailored to your needs.

Social Media Consulting

I can help you plan and design an effective marketing campaign to grow your social media presence, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. I will advise relevant social media to your brand, your target audience, how often and when to post, what content and hashtags will bring you more followers, etc.

Food Projects Consulting

You know that you need professional photos for your business to thrive but have no creative ideas and don’t know where to start? No worries. I can help you to build a comprehensive photography project including creative concept, photo production, promotional materials and social media campaign. All you need to get your brand stand out.

Props &

I have an extensive props and backdrops collection ranging from vintage to contemporary style to fit my clients needs. I love using natural materials, wooden boards, handmade ceramics, linen tablecloths and fresh flowers to create an authentic mood. If needed, I source extra props or backdrops for a specific project based on client’s requirements.

Professional Equipment

My food photography services include professional photo equipment: Canon EOS mirrorless camera, Canon RF professional lenses, Hoya filters, Manfrotto stands and tripods, C-stand, Godox Lights with parabolic softbox, various reflectors and diffusers, grips, etc. If needed, I also borrow an extra photo equipment based on project specifications.

Studio & Onsite
& Remotely

I work in my home studio using natural as well as continuous studio LED light. I often shoot onsite in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels or workshops with my professional photo equipment. I’m practically available worldwide as I can work remotely from my home studio. If you don’t need me onsite, I shoot tethered with my clients connected online.